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The Mathematics Department is committed to fostering a dynamic learning environment wherein students cultivate proficiency and fluency in mathematics and its practical applications. Our overarching goal is to cultivate students as adept mathematical thinkers, equipping them with the tools to thrive as perpetual learners, excel in their future vocations, and contribute meaningfully to society.

Our pedagogical objectives encompass:

- Cultivating an awareness of mathematics' pervasive presence in the world.

- Fostering an appreciation for the utility, potency, and elegance of mathematical concepts.

- Nurturing a genuine enjoyment of mathematics while instilling perseverance and tenacity in problem-solving endeavours.

Irrespective of students' initial competencies, our curriculum is designed to uphold rigorous standards, accommodating diverse learning trajectories and empowering each student to realize their full potential. This approach not only fosters greater social mobility but also furnishes students with the requisite skills to pursue their chosen career pathways.

Across years 7-8, students follow a meticulously crafted, internally devised curriculum that aligns with the National Curriculum. This curriculum is both ambitious and aspirational, encompassing requisite content while nurturing indispensable skills such as logical reasoning and problem-solving. By laying a robust foundation during Key Stage 3, we open up a number of pathways, Entry Level and Functional Skills included.

We aim for students to be primed for success at the GCSE level and beyond, thereby equipping them with enduring skills vital for all facets of life and contribute to society.