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At Vanguard School, our curriculum aims to support all students in accessing a full and rich Science curriculum, based on the national curriculum for Science, but modified appropriately to meet the needs and interests of students.

The curriculum develops students’ understanding of scientific thinking and connections between different concepts. It builds their knowledge of scientific vocabulary and symbols, allowing them to better understand the world around them scientifically and equip them for being able to better communicate their understanding.

Science lessons nurture students’ scientific interests. They encourage exploration of the world through scientific enquiry, applying observational, practical, modelling and problem-solving skills.

Science supports students’ independence and confidence in everyday life. It enables students to become active and well-informed citizens in society. Studying Science at Vanguard School encourages students to analyse and evaluate claims and situations critically, both qualitatively and quantitatively. This includes being able to evaluate risks and critically evaluate the uses and implications of science in today’s world and the future and communicate their thoughts effectively. This will help students develop their understanding of causes and effects both in scientific and non-scientific situations.